USA MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE, Head Instructor of Kaufmann’s Karate, 5th degree Black Belt Shorin Ryu Karate, 4th degree Black Belt Gendai no Bushido Ryu, 2nd degree Black Belt Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons)

Among Sensei Kaufmann’s many achievements he was inducted into the U.S.A. martial arts hall of fame in 2007. Sensei Kaufmann has trained many law enforcement officers and worked with their agencies on practical self-defense. Sensei Kaufmann has produced many state and national champions in karate and submission grappling. On February 12th, 2016 Sensei Kaufmann was promoted to Godan (5th-degree black belt) in Shorin Ryu Karate. He currently trains under Shodai Gene Thorner out of Lakeland, Florida.