Little Ninjas

Tuesday and Thursday  4:30pm-5:15 pm

Little Ninjas program is designed to introduce young children (4-6 years old) to karate techniques, dojo etiquette, discipline, and to prepare them for the next level of training.

The ranking system (belts) in the Little Ninjas program is slightly different from the traditional belt progression used in our other Karate classes. It accommodates younger children’s developmental needs through setting age-appropriate, short-term goals for learning specific skills and through frequent rewards that make note of the students’ achievement.  For example, every 3-4 weeks Little Ninjas receive an opportunity to earn a black vertical stripe (placed on their belt) by demonstrating mastery of a karate skill and/or concept. After earning four black stripes, the student progresses to the next belt according to the following hierarchy (lowest to highest):  white belt, yellow stripe belt, …….

Instructors: Sensei James, Sensei Eddie